Choosing The Right Floor
Measuring Durability
5 Pro Flooring Tips
Westhollow does it a little differently than the rest. We source our materials from FSC Certified forests. We use the best raw materials, recycle all that we can recycle, use the highest quality support materials and surface finishing systems. In short, there's nothing about a Westhollow floor that isn't the best.

We live with our flooring for a long time. In many cases, for life. That all depends on the choice we make the first time. You'll probably have your flooring longer than your car, computer, television or even major appliances. And none of the above take as much abuse.

Westhollow floors are made for active lifestyles. They are made for ease of maintenance and enduring performance. They are made in classic designs that will never go out of style. They are made for you.
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