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  • How To Care For And Deep Clean A Vinyl Floor | iFLOOR

    Posted on August 31, 2012 by iFLOOR

    Vinyl flooring can be a great accessory for many homes and businesses. While a discount flooring product can be a great choice for many homes, it can be difficult to keep it clean under some circumstances. The following guide provides simple tips and tricks on how to deep clean a vinyl floor.

    Many homeowners will use floor cleaners to maintain a vinyl floor. However, some types of vinyl floors can accumulate dirt and grime in-between different tiles. To eliminate these types of issues, it's a good idea to use a steam cleaning unit every six to 12 months.

    Steam cleaning can be an effective way to remove dirt and grime that has embedded itself deep into the material of a vinyl floor. In addition, most steam cleaners don't require the use of chemicals. This can make steam cleaning a great choice for homes with young children. Since some strong floor cleaning liquids can be hazardous to human health, it's important to look for effective ways to minimize their usage.

    In addition, steam cleaning can sanitize a floor quickly and effectively. When an individual use a steam cleaner, a very warm jet of steam will be forced into the fine nooks and crannies between different vinyl floor tiles. This will kill any bacteria and other germs that may be lurking in the hidden recesses of a floor.

    Steam cleaning is also an environmentally friendly option for homeowners and their families. Since a steam cleaning unit doesn't require the use of chemicals, there's no need to worry about the production of dangerous chemicals. Since the production of some chemicals can use lots of natural resources, it's important to find effective ways to limit their usage. In addition, this can be a great way to promote a healthy environment for oneself and one's family.

    Since steam cleaning units can be expensive, it may not be a viable option to buy a new unit for a home. Instead, it's often possible to rent a steam cleaning unit from a high volume discount store.

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  • Differences In Installing Hardwood & Vinyl Flooring | iFLOOR

    Posted on August 22, 2012 by iFLOOR

    Hardwood flooring is one of the most traditional choices available, but modern vinyl floor options are quickly becoming popular among homeowners. Researching the differences among these two types of flooring will ensure you get the one that is best for your personal needs. The installation for each variety is an important factor to consider.

    Installing New Floors

    The physical installation of hardwood flooring can range from simple installations of large sheets of wood to installing single planks of wood. Plank style flooring is the most traditional type of hardwood, and is also more time consuming and costly to install when compared to modern hardwood panels. When compared to vinyl, the installation of hardwood floors are similar in time and cost if you research your options to find the best product for your budget.

    Vinyl flooring is typically installed as either planks or tiles. . Hardwood can be fit together using a peg and notch system, which is turn glued to the subflooring. Vinyl is also sold in large rolls. You will need to apply adhesive over the entire floor before installing roll style flooring. It is also advised to remove molding around the room to ensure the vinyl edges are hidden, since they will need to be stapled around the outside edge.

    What to Know

    The quality of your hardwood or vinyl flooring impacts the cost of installation. For example, vinyl planks are higher quality and take longer to install. Installing plank style vinyl floors will generally cost more than the installation of roll type flooring.

    Both hardwood and high quality vinyl floors will last for a long time with the proper care. Hardwood will require more maintenance than vinyl, but the installation for both of these flooring types is similar in cost and installation. Checking prices and comparing quality is highly recommended before choosing the brand and style you want to install.

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