Maltese Falcon - Cork
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Maltese Falcon - Cork


Cork Collection New Geometry
Coverage 16.41Coverage
Coverage describes the amount of sq. ft.  of wood comes in a carton. Cartons cannot be broken so the amount you’ll purchase will likely be more than the size of your room.  Keep in mind, a waste factor of 10% should always be added to the actual square footage of the total project.
Dimensions 7/16 in x 5 in x 36 inThickness/Length
The thicker a wood floor is, the higher its insulation value and the greater its stability. More material is required, therefore the price is typically higher. Features such as wide planks and random length planks (or both features combined) provide additional value and often produce a more luxurious appearance.

9/16 in x 5 in x 72 in (Fusix Pro)
9/16" in thickness combine with the high density core for great insulation value. The wide, long boards significantly reduce overall installation time while also reducing the amount of potential fault points where planks meet.

1/2 in x 5-5/8 in x 72-1/2 in (Brushed Artisan)
1/2" in overall plank thickness with extra wide and long planks. Density of solid strand woven bamboo is greater than wood and provides as much stability/insulation value as a thicker wood floor. 
Color Tone Dark
Edge Beveled EdgeBeveled Edges
A beveled edge is when a distinct ‘v’ shaped groove is created where the planks meet. This adds a definition to each plank and  gives the floor a more casual appeal. Beveled edges don’t affect the performance of the floor or its ease to maintain.
Joint Style ClickClick
Click floors connect using using a click locking mechanism that doesn't require any glue glue where the planks meet. Dependent on the quality of the locking mechanism, click floors are typically the easiest to install and the choice of most diy consumers.
Finish 6- Layer UV Cured WRS Varnish Finish with Scratch ResistanceUV Cured Polyurethane With Aluminum Oxide 
Westhollow uses only the highest quality polyurethane with aluminum oxide additive. Aluminum oxide is the second hardest substance known to man and largely responsible for the scratch resistance of the floor. UV curing is a process in which UV rays significantly harden the overall finish.

UV Cured Klumpp Finish With Aluminum Oxide
Klumpp brand finish is a water based, solvent free system and considered more eco-friendly than oil based finishes. An aluminum oxide additive adds excellent scratch resistance while the UV curing process hardens the protective barrier. 
Warranty 25-Year55 Year Residential Warranty
For a period of 55 years and provided our maintenance guidelines are followed, we will guarantee that our finish won’t peel off or wear through to the wood’s surface.

25 Year Residential / 3 Year Light Commercial
When Westhollow maintenance guidelines are followed, we guarantee our floor finish for will not wear through or peel off in residential applications for a period of 25 years. For installations in areas like doctor's offices, hair salons and other light commercial applications, Westhollow guarantees the finish for 3 years.

35-Year Residential / 5 Year Light Commercial
When Westhollow maintenance guidelines are followed, we guarantee our floor finish for will not wear through or peel off in residential applications for a period of 35 years. For installations in areas like doctor's offices, hair salons and other light commercial applications, Westhollow guarantees the finish for 5 years.
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New Geometry

  • The hottest styles and the latest trends
  • Available in cork flooring
  • Durable and easy to maintain
  • Click system
  • 25-Year Warranty
This click cork flooring features beveled edges on all four sides and a hardwood plank pattern, but its subtle cork grains can be seen through its rich, chocolate finish. This cork floor can be installed just about anywhere, even over concrete slabs.

This floating cork floor has a wear layer of cork attached to a recycled HDF core. The cork surface is protected by a tough aluminum oxide finish, so there's no problem installing these floors in active living areas.

The click locking system on this floor makes installation something that just about anyone can perform in a short time. The 5" planks lock together and no glue is required for this floating floor installation.

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Care & Maintenance

Do not use a wet spray micro fiber mop, or wet swiffers. Never use wax, polish, abrasive cleaners or scouring agents as they may dull or distort the finish.

For normal everyday cleaning use a broom or a DRY swiffer to sweep up any debris. For hard to clean spots use a lightly damp cloth or mop to clean or you can use a hard surface spray cleaner, just spray a light mist on the floor and then mop with a DRY micro fiber mop. Avoid using excessive moisture. Too much moisture can cause warping, or buckling which is not covered under warranty. All spills should be cleaned up immediately. Use protective pads under furniture. USE CAUTION: Planks are slippery when wet.

It’s a good idea to save a few panels in case of accidental damage. Planks can be replaced or repaired by flooring professional.

Cork Installation Guidelines (PDF)


Inspection: Prior to installation, inspect planks in daylight for visible faults/damage

  • check if sub floor/site conditions comply with the specifications described in these instructions
  • if you are not satisfied do not install, and contact your supplier. Floors installed with any visible defects automatically void any and all manufactures warranty.

    Tools and materials required:

    • Electric saw
    • Spacers
    • Pencil
    • Set square
    • PE film
    • Adhesive tape

    Before laying:

    • Measure the room at right angle to the direction of the planks
    • Always work from multiple cartons, shuffle planks in order to obtain a pleasant blend of shades
    • Lay planks preferably following the direction of the main source of light
    • We recommend laying on wooden floors crossways to the existing floorboard
    • If laying the planks over a concrete subfloor you must use at least a 2mm moisture barrier and the seams must be sealed with a seam tape. Planks must not be nailed or screwed to the sub floor
    • Skirting boards must not be fixed in a way which restricts the movement of the floor

    Expansion gaps:

    • Provide 10 mm (3/8”) expansion gaps to the walls and other fixed objects
    • Areas greater than 100 m² (900 sq. ft) or 10 m (30 feet) in either direction a T-Molding will be needed, transitions between rooms and asymmetrical areas require extra expansion gaps.

      Start in the corner
    • turn the tongue side of the plank to the wall
    • maintain a gap of 10 mm (3/8”) on the short side.
      Hold the next plank at an angle against the first one and lay it flat on the floor
    • complete first row in the same way. Cut final plank of the first row to correct length
    • start next row with the piece leftover (must be at least 300 mm (12’’) long)
    • ensure that end joints are staggered at least 300 mm.
      Place first plank of the new row with the tongue side at an angle against the groove side of the plank in the previous row
    • press forward and lay it flat at the same time.
      Place short end of the plank at an angle against the previous installed plank and fold down
    • ensure that the plank is positioned on the integral locking strip of the plank in the previous row.<.UL>
      Lift planks (together with the previous laid in the same row) lightly up (about 30 mm (9/8’’)), push it against the row in front and then put it down. Adjust the distance to the wall to 10mm (3/8’’) when three rows are completed
    • precede installation as described above until reaching the opposite wall.
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