Huntington - 12mm Laminate
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Huntington - 12mm Laminate


Laminate Collection Park Avenue
Coverage 23.09Coverage
Coverage describes the amount of sq. ft.  of wood comes in a carton. Cartons cannot be broken so the amount you’ll purchase will likely be more than the size of your room.  Keep in mind, a waste factor of 10% should always be added to the actual square footage of the total project.
Dimensions 12mm x7-3/4 in x Mixed 24 in, 48 in, 72 inThickness/Length
The thicker a wood floor is, the higher its insulation value and the greater its stability. More material is required, therefore the price is typically higher. Features such as wide planks and random length planks (or both features combined) provide additional value and often produce a more luxurious appearance.

9/16 in x 5 in x 72 in (Fusix Pro)
9/16" in thickness combine with the high density core for great insulation value. The wide, long boards significantly reduce overall installation time while also reducing the amount of potential fault points where planks meet.

1/2 in x 5-5/8 in x 72-1/2 in (Brushed Artisan)
1/2" in overall plank thickness with extra wide and long planks. Density of solid strand woven bamboo is greater than wood and provides as much stability/insulation value as a thicker wood floor. 
Color Tone Light
Edge Eased EdgeEased Edges
Eased edges are similar to beveled edges with a less distinct 'v' shaped groove that tapers off where the planks meet. Eased edges can be great for concealing minor height fluctuations from plank to plank caused by imperfections in the subfloor.
Joint Style ClickClick
Click floors connect using using a click locking mechanism that doesn't require any glue glue where the planks meet. Dependent on the quality of the locking mechanism, click floors are typically the easiest to install and the choice of most diy consumers.
Installation Method FloatNail/Staple
Nail down or Staple installations occur over wood subfloors, OSB, and sometimes over existing linoleum or vinyl floors (if less than ⅛” in thickness and glued fully to subfloor). Nail/staple installations can not be performed over other wood floors, floating floors, tile floors or particle board subfloors.

A floating installation is when a floor is not attached directly to the subfloor using nails, staples or glue. The floor is installed over a layer of flooring underlayment, hence the name, "floating floor". Floating floors can be installed over some floors that are adhered directly to the subfloor, but not other floating floors.

Float, Nail, Staple, Glue
This floor can either be glued, nailed, stapled or floated over various types of subfloors (even some existing floors). Its construction allows for a series of installation options offering a great solution for when you want to have the same floor in different rooms with different subfloor types.
Gloss Level Low
Surface Distressed
AC Rating AC3
Warranty 30-Year55 Year Residential Warranty
For a period of 55 years and provided our maintenance guidelines are followed, we will guarantee that our finish won’t peel off or wear through to the wood’s surface.

25 Year Residential / 3 Year Light Commercial
When Westhollow maintenance guidelines are followed, we guarantee our floor finish for will not wear through or peel off in residential applications for a period of 25 years. For installations in areas like doctor's offices, hair salons and other light commercial applications, Westhollow guarantees the finish for 3 years.

35-Year Residential / 5 Year Light Commercial
When Westhollow maintenance guidelines are followed, we guarantee our floor finish for will not wear through or peel off in residential applications for a period of 35 years. For installations in areas like doctor's offices, hair salons and other light commercial applications, Westhollow guarantees the finish for 5 years.

Huntington - 12mm Laminate

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Care & Maintenance

Do not use a wet spray micro fiber mop, or wet swiffers. Never use wax, polish, abrasive cleaners or scouring agents as they may dull or distort the finish.

For normal everyday cleaning use a broom or a DRY swiffer to sweep up any debris. For hard to clean spots use a lightly damp cloth or mop to clean or you can use a hard surface spray cleaner, just spray a light mist on the floor and then mop with a DRY micro fiber mop. Avoid using excessive moisture. Too much moisture can cause warping, or buckling which is not covered under warranty. All spills should be cleaned up immediately. Use protective pads under furniture. USE CAUTION: Planks are slippery when wet.

It’s a good idea to save a few panels in case of accidental damage. Planks can be replaced or repaired by flooring professional.

10mm & 12mm Laminate Installation Guidlines (PDF)



    Basic rules before installation:
  • Please store flat panels in the unopened package for at least 24 hours (min. 65°F (18°C)).
  • Panels must be checked for defects under suitable lighting conditions.
  • Complaints concerning used panels will not be accepted.
  • Not suitable for wet rooms such as bathroom and sauna.

Easy Installation for Beautiful Room Setting!

Allow unopened cartons of planks to remain in the room where they are to be installed at least 24 hours prior to installation. (This is to allow the wood to adapt to the normal environment of the room.) All surfaces must be clean, dry, smooth, and level before installation.

Do Not Install Planks Over:

  • Any floor exposed to excessive hot or cold temperature.
  • Any floor exposed to excessive moisture.

Plank Installation:

  1. Unroll Foam Underlayment to cover entire floor. Unless the Laminate has a Pad attached
  2. Begin in one corner of the room with four planks. The extended groove facing out into the room. The tongue pointing toward the starting wall.
  3. At a slight angle insert the tongue of Plank A into the groove of Plank B, until the laminate edges meet, then press downward to lock. There should not be any gaps at the joints If attached correctly.
  4. Follow this method in both directions until the floor is covered.
  5. If last row needs to be cut then use a circular saw or any hand saw to cut as necessary.
  6. Maintain a 1/4" (3mm) expansion space between the floor panels and the walls.
  7. If going over Radiant Heated subfloor the subfloor must not exceed 85 degrees

You will need to install a T-mold for Expansion after a run of 23' in width and 35' in length

Maintenance: Sweep, damp mop, or vacuum regularly. Avoid abrasive cleaners. Use furniture leg coaster. Do not wax. This will make the floor’s surface too slippery and may cause accidents.

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